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Zebra is a conductive paint impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) system for the repair of concrete structures. Camur is an modular electronic system for monitoring and controlling CP systems. The Zebra/Camur combination gives a system that is simple to design and install.

A new generation of water based conductive paint anodes is now available. Watch the application video to see how simple application is.

This system has been in use since 1990 in Europe by the developers, Protector. Over 400 systems have been installed mainly on structures in Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. Control and monitoring of many of the systems since 1992 has used the Camur system and there is a wealth of data on the performance of the Zebra CP system.

An issue with impressed current CP systems has been the need for checking and adjustment of the control system every 3-6months. This was a particular problem on remote projects. Now with the revolutionary Camur II control system it is simple to design and install a web based monitoring and control system. It is no longer necessary to go to site for testing.

Why ICCP Works

When chlorides or a carbonation front reaches the reinforcement it becomes anodic and a corrosion cell is set up between these areas and areas where chlorides have not broken down the passive film, i.e. the cathode. By installing an impressed current cathodic protection system a current is spread uniformly over the surface of the concrete and this forces all the reinforcement to become cathodic.

The Zebra ICCP system provides permanent protection even to areas where there are high chlorides at the reinforcement depth.


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