CPI/Force are the world leader in manufacturing a range of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) power and monitoring systems. They have designed and manufactured power supplies for more than 20 years specifically to provide cathodic protection and allow monitoring of its effectiveness. This experience has allowed them to build several ranges of units, which are optimised for a whole variety of structures as well as develop a wide range of ancillary components. The systems have evolved through many versions to provide usable, economical and durable solutions.
In various pages the following are discussed to give an overview of CPI/Force ICCP control and monitoring systems:
General background to CP control systems
This section provides some background comments to design of a control system from a book co-authored by CPI Manager Paul Chess and John Broomfield.
The durApower 1+3 Unit
The durApower 1+3 System
At the simplest and lowest cost level are the durApower1+3 units, which can be incorporated with other electrical systems (i.e. fuse box) to control very simple CP systems.
Typically a number of durApower1+3 units are assembled in a small cabinet with a transformer to give a manually operated multiple channel supply to energise small to medium simple CP systems.
The durAcentre 4+8 System
This is still a compact and simple to operate CP power supply system but it is designed for automatic and remote operation and has broader capacity for large CP installations.
The durAdjust485 monitoring System
For monitoring structures only or operating with a CP system. This system can be operated both manually and automatically and can be customised to an individual structures needs.
The durApower485 System
The durApower485 System is a CP power supply system that can use all the durAdjust485 components for monitoring with the system programmed to use results to control power outputs.
The durAdelta System
The durAdelta system is a purpose designed impressed current power supply and control system which feeds larger anode groups than that allowed by the durApower485 system and is commonly used outputs of 10 to 200 A.