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Cassettes installed on soffit of coal conveyor tunnel at DBCT, HayPoint, Queensland. Reinforcement corrosion in a coal conveyor tunnel at Dalrymple Bay was to be repaired by installing a cathodic protection system. The walls had been protected but the system could not be installed in the roof. A slotted ribbon anode system was considered but could not be used due to the low cover. Cassette proved to be the ideal way of delivering the cathodic protection. Being surface mounted the low cover and close reinforcement spacing were not a concern.

Cassette was considered late in the process as it was new to Australia. The client had specific requirements for the Cassette design but these were incorporated in the Norwegian manufacturing and the system was delivered to the contractor 2 weeks from the date of order.

This was the first Cassette installation in Australia. The contractor, Freyssinet found it simple and rapid to install even though access was severely restricted.

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